2nd Phone Number - Texting

2nd Phone Number - Texting allows you to send and receive texts and images via disposable 2nd phone number.
Everything happens over the internet - we do not use your device or system software, we do not use your existing mobile plan, it is all on our cloud infrastructure. We are giving enough free credits to test our app, after that you need to purchase more. To the app you need Internet connection.

Private texting will give you freedom you have not experienced before! You can send mms photos from your gallery directly to you friend's mobiles and receive instant replies. You will love our texting app!

Use anonymous texting any time you want to keep your phone number private - dating, craigslist, communication with clients or any private texting communication.

For every anonymous texting conversation, you are assigned a random number that is valid for that private messaging conversation ONLY. If you do not receive a reply within 3 days and you contact the same recipient, we will assign you a different random number for private texting.

Using anonymous texting, you can receive replies only if you have initiated the conversation. Random people cannot text you if you have not contacted them in the first place.

Anonymous Texting can send mms and sms to any phone number, even if it does not have the app. We are giving free credits to test our private texting app, after that you need to buy more credits. Private messaging is here!