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Can I try anonymous texting for free?

You can try our free text service on this page - enter the destination number, a message and hit send. The messages sent from this page are free and private, with some limitations. To enjoy the full service, please create an account and load some credits.

Can you send an anonymous text?

We are an anonymous texting website. Messages sent via our website are private - your number is never revealed. We use a random phone number to send and receive texts( send a free text on this page ). You can change the random number if you create an account.

Can anonymous texts be traced?

Tracing anonymous texts is a timely and heavy process. Only law enforcement could trace an anonymous text - that happens rarely if a crime is registered. Our advice is to stay safe and do not break the law!

Is texting confidential?

The short answer is Yes, especially if you use anonymous texting. You still need to consider the previous question about tracing and this is a reminder for you to follow your local law.